How get checkout gid for storefront api

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how i can get checkout gid for storefront api on checkout page in shopify store web site

i can get checkout id like this 16491611685022, but for storefront api i need somethink like Z2lkOi8vc2hvcGlmeS9DaGVja291dC8wNzQ3YzE0MTViMjE4Mzk5ZDFmMzExYzBkYjQ0OGM3Nj9rZXk9ODFmNjdhMmQwNWZhMzI3Y2NkOGJkYzkwMWExZDU5ODI=

i need it for adding custom fields in checkout on store site.

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I have the same question. My use-case is as follow

1. User places an order

2. At checkout user pays using both gift card and CC

Now I am looking at historical orders to create sales order in ERP but I am unable to differentiate between the amount paid by gift card and the amount paid by CC.

How to get this information?