How to access oxygen variables defined in hydrogen.config.ts on client side?

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export default defineConfig({
  shopify: {
    defaultCountryCode: 'IN',
    defaultLanguageCode: 'EN',
    storeDomain: Oxygen.env.PUBLIC_STORE_DOMAIN,
    storefrontToken: Oxygen.env.PUBLIC_STOREFRONT_API_TOKEN,
    privateStorefrontToken: Oxygen.env.PRIVATE_STOREFRONT_API_TOKEN,
    storefrontApiVersion: '2022-07',
    storefrontId: Oxygen.env.PUBLIC_STOREFRONT_ID,

How can I access storeDomain and storeFrontToken variables defined in the 'hydrogen.config.ts' file in a component I created in the Hydrogen repo?


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Hello @GkPayments 

Did you find the solution?


Here is the one for Hydrogen v1.

You can use useHook hooks from @shopfy/hydrogen

  const {storeDomain} = useShop()


Refer to this link 


Hope this helps