How to complete checkout using REST API

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I want to create order based on checkout. When I'm trying to complete checkout - i'm getting the following error - Cannot complete the checkout without any transactions.


How can I create such transaction and complete the checkout?

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Hi @Gooner,


A transaction would be created by either completing the checkout using the web_url field returned when creating the checkout, or systematically adding a payment to the checkout using the Payment API. Once a transaction exists, the order can be completed.


The latter is only possible if your app is a sales channel and has requested payment processing permission, which needs to be approved by Shopify.


Note that you can't use the Checkout API to create a new checkout user experience for an individual store. For that you need to use an SDK that's powered by the Storefront API instead, such as the JavaScript BuyiOS Buy, and Android Buy SDKs.



To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.