How to connect a development store to a hydrogen app?

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Is it possible to use Hydrogen with a development store? I have looked everywhere and the closest I found was this and it says the store cannot be a development store. I tried to add Hydrogen as an app, but it said the same thing: The Hydrogen sales channel isn’t available on my plan.

What if I'm starting a client project as a development store and will later transfer it to a client but want to use the products in the development store rather than the Mock shop?

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Hey @Eytyy 


The Hydrogen Channel (Oxygen) isn't available to development stores, but you could generate a Storefront API key from a development store to run Hydrogen locally / somewhere other than Oxygen.

Scott | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 

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Are there plans for the future to add it to development stores?

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I too am curious about being able to use the Hydrogen channel for development. I'm used to building React sites both locally and hosted on Vercel during the entire development process. This way, we can present the site incrementally to our clients as we reach certain stages of the project. It's also nice to be able to view and test the site on real devices in the wild before launching. Shopify has an incredible development team, so I know you all are aware of the use cases I just outlined. Is the ability to do this on Oxygen in the works? If not, are we just supposed to migrate them to Oxygen once development is complete? That seems like an unnecessary burden. The only other alternative I'm aware of is to sign up for a Shopify plan before the site is even developed, which also seems like an unnecessary burden because the free trial isn't long enough to finish even modest projects.