How to Display Automatic Discount Price in Product Listing

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Currently, automatic discounts are only displayed on the cart, which doesn't make much sense, as the customer doesn't even know about it, as the rest of the layout is not informed. I'm trying to change this to display in layout to look similar to the of x by xvalue option.

In this way: 


To stay that way, we have to manually change it in each product, or use an app for that.

This is wrong, since if you are going to apply it to hundreds of products it is difficult, using an app for this is not always feasible.

And if you change the value instead of creating an automatic discount, customers can use coupons.

In addition to the discount, you can also get the coupon.

And we cannot deactivate the coupons, if the promotion stops on specific products, customers cannot use them on products for the promotion.

In short, something simple for other platforms, it's a real non-Shopify mess. They should have more discount options, allow for information on the products.

In the cart I can work with automatic active discounts, but outside the cart and checkout is not possible.



{% for discount_application in cart.discount_applications %}
  <td>Você economizou {{ discount_application.total_allocated_amount | money }}</td> 
{% endfor %}




How can I identify an active automatic discount on any part of the theme?

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