How to fully integrate shopify store into my own website?

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Hi guys,

new Shopify user here. I've built a web site for a customer. Now he also wants a shop attached to it where he can sell some products. I want to chose shopify for the storefront but now I have some question while figuring out the best way to integrate it.

I found out these 2 possibilities:

  • Buy Button - is a cool alternative, but how can the customer add his own new products over time? He needs the knowledge of how to insert the html code into the website right? If yes this is no option.
  • The custom shopify store that lives under his own domain. Of course I can link from the website to this store, but it's not very pretty. 

So here comes my question:


Is there a way to fully integrate shopify into my own website, kinda like a cms, where I just receive the data from the products he adds via api. That would have these 2 advantages for his site:


  • Everything can be built on his site, including the cart icon etc. and when he adds new products on the shopify products section it will dynamically add it to the websites products list (I use Next.js / react.js etc. btw).
  • Only the last step where the customer wants to submit he will be directed to the shopify and shopify manages all other stuff (payment, delivery etc).

Is there a way I missed somehow in the docs / sales channels etc?


I would really appreciate your help guys!

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You're just describing the Shopify Storefront API: It does exactly what you're asking for!

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