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How to implement payment with a sales channel with multiple clients?

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Hi there,

We have a specific use case on our Marketplace.

We integrate with merchants with other e-commerce vendors and we're building the connectivity with Shopify at the moment.

We want our users to be able to shop in the same basket regardless of our partners e-commerce platform.

This means if a user adds product 1 worth £20 from partner A using another e-commerce platform and product 2 worth £30 from partner B using Shopify, we will show a basket amount of £50 and send orders to each of these partners and send a Charge to the Shopify partner.

I can't find a way to do it using the Checkout API, which will only have the basket for partner B. Is there a way to support this use case?

It's crucial to our customers that they have the most seamless experience and we would like to avoid having to make them pay twice: once for Partner A and another time for Partner B.

Thanks in advance for your help

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Hello there,

Can someone please help on this? I'm quite stuck on the development side without knowing how I can make it work.


Thanks in advance,


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Hi Boris,

Did you manage to find the way to implement this?

- Eitan

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Hi Eitan,

Yes, I did through a workaround.

Because our users pay us directly, we use the Checkout API to pay the stores via our Stripe account.

For instance:

  1. User buys £30 of products (£10 from partner A and £20 from partner B)
  2. We charge the user one payment of £30 to be paid to us via Stripe
  3. We use the Checkout API to validate and send payments from our own Stripe account to our partners (£10 to partner A and £20 to partner B)


This was quite complex to put in place but it works fine now.

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Hi Boris, interested in how you solved it. How were you able to get the Checkout API to work with the customer paying your company not via the Stripe account of each Shopify Store? This is the documentation that we've been working on but it doesn't show what you mention > 

Thank you so much for your insight Boris. 

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Hey juankuick,

I'm wondering if this might help - we ( actually built a native marketplace app that ties with Shopify because of this exact problem. It sounds like you're looking for an easy way to set up multi-vendor checkout - we can help support you folks in setting that up automatically + we also support vendor management and automatic vendor payout if that's also something you want to explore on-top of it. 

I sent a DM if you're interested in talking.