How to integrate checkout API's that do not currently integrate with shopify- developer needed

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Hi there,

I need help putting an API onto my current website with the shopify basic account and the streamline theme from archetype themes.
we are looking to integrate with 2 external companies for IOSS purposes that have API's that can calculate and collect tax from EU customers at checkout. We are looking for a developer to help us do this/

One of the companies called Taxamo Assure has said 

"Are you planning to hire a developer to integrate with Shopify? I ask this because we do not have an integration between Shopify and Taxamo Assure." 

The other company Hurricane has an API called Aura

This is also not currently integrated with shopify.

If someone can help us with this would be much appreciated - look forward to hearing from you!

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Again, I am ridiculously late. I am sure you have found some solution, but would love to have you check our very well reviewed cross-border solution:


Automated fully to save money and your nerves 🙂 

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