How to make marketplace-level cart/checkout experience?

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The documentation for marketplace  gives instructions for a cart page where customers need to check out vendor by vendor on that vendor's separate shopify site and return to the marketplace cart several times.


This is quite a poor user experience so I would like to know how to achieve a cart that obfuscates the multi-vendor nature of it for the customer and routes the payments & orders to the various vendors 'under the hood'. 


This question was asked over a year ago and a dev stated it was not possible at the time but but it must be possible now because has achieved it. They have a cart that is not split by vendor and only has one checkout button. 


Are there docs for this yet? Or can someone give instructions?



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Hi, This is what you may need - Shipturtle's Split Cart Add-on -

This KB doc may discuss your requirements in detail. 


Shipturtle is a highly recommended Shopify App to manage your multivendor marketplace.