How to pass the user account information in my iOS app to the shopfront web page I embedded in app?

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Hello, I'm an iOS developer. I'm investigating and surveying the possibility to integrate a storefront into our App, to provide a channel for our customers to buy our own productions as an addition beyond our main services.

I want to make our storefront as an webpage embedded into our app. When our customer click the store button in the app, it will open a webView in our app to show our online storefront. But, we don't want the customer register on the web storefront again. Is there anyway to pass the user account information or anonymous account just with an userId to the web storefront, to make our customer as user who has already registered and logged in, so that they can directly to find their history orders, cart products, and shipping address? How to do that?

Further note, our customer only user their phone number and SMS verification code to register and login our app, no need for their email and password. So in this situation, we can't provide their email and password to the web storefront for register and login, only phone available.

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Sort of possible.

Shopify Plus has the concept of Multipass that lets you authenticate users in your app and automatically log them into Shopify.

It uses email addresses as the unique identifier but I suppose you could convert your user data data into a fake email (eg. since customers don't need to see it, though this may have unintended consequences.