How to show app frontend on storefront

How to show app frontend on storefront

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Hi everyone!


I'm having trouble understanding how to show my app frontend on shopify storefront. I'm tryng to make  a giftcard app inn which the customer could watch his balance, calculated at the app end and the possibility to pay with it.


From one side I want to show them the balance as an icon and the quantity of points (money) on it.


From the othe side I want to add the app buttom from which the customer choose to pay with his points prepaid and not with a credit card or else.


My app is being written on React and node.Js. I'm thinking about using app proxy or script tag, but I'm not sure how to use them.  


Could anyone have any example to borrow or any recommendation at all?? Thank you all in advance.



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Hi @miguel__mc 


You are spot on. You can use a script tag to load in JS or use an App Proxy in order to display your app as if it was part of the Shopify store with its own page. You can also use both. 


You will want to create a partner request and app. From there, you can explore to get a working example together. 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.