Hydrogen Netlify deployment

Hydrogen Netlify deployment

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I'm doing some research about hydrogen and I tried to deploy it to netlify. Unfortunately, I'm getting "Page not found" error. I have all the required files needed in netlify (index.html etc.). Is there something I can do? I read in the hydrogen docs that it is possible to deploy it to netlify. I didn't change any settings or anything in netlify, everything is bone stock. 

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Having the same issues, in Netlify & Vercel. 

Project build with no errors but when I open the given domain, I see empty screen.


Shopify support please offer more information regarding deployment

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@ronivil  @yoavgman  I am also working the Hydrogen project with react. we are missing the build type creating we have to use VIte or web pack build option to build that can work.

Hydrogen build not making the index.html file. something was missing to load the Hydrogen script to the HTML files.


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