Re: I am getting a error when I try to run my Hydrogen ecommerce

I am getting a error when I try to run my Hydrogen ecommerce

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First Step : Created a Ecommerce Store 

Step 2 : Plan to Basic 

Step 3 : download the hydrogen app to my store 

Step : 4  created the hydrogen using / npm create @Shopify/hydrogen

Step 4 cd Linked  to the store 

Step 5 pulled the env using 

npx shopify hydrogen env pull

and step 6 ran the hydrogen store getting this error 



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I'm also getting the same error. 

But currently no solution has been found. Expect help from someone.




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Hello @Nocodwithchris  @Zoetrinh 

This issue primarily occurs in the Windows operating system. To resolve it, please use Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)


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