I want to add metamask to my website but I have absolutely no idea where to start

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I have never programmed any shopify app or added any code to my template. I need guidance on exactly what steps to take if I want to learn how to add metamask to my website. Where should I add it? Would adding the code somewhere in Liquid & Themes do it? Is it even possible?

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Welcome to Shopify Community.

Kindly follow this Doc.

Thank you.

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Thank you so much. Sorry, but exactly, where do I add the code? In one of the liquid files?

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hello @Zworthkey  interesting but when you have many products to sell and not a donation whose amount you decide how to position this button?

On the product page, would this be taken into account in the checkout? the code of the checkout page is only accessible if you have the means for Shopify Plus, which would be ideal a single place to access the choice of this payment method.

A teasing of the Metamask integration took place, is there a date planned? When crypo payment providers are no longer up to standard it would be good to compensate!