Impossible to retrieve order details with order name

Impossible to retrieve order details with order name

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Another feature that is incredibly missing !


I have tried orders.json?name=#xxxx where xxxx is the order name (a number assigned by shopify client store), but return the last order !


I can understand why tech people have deleted this filter. If I need to retrieve order details, keep in mind the end user know the order name and NOT the order id (this last is used on internal shopify ecosystem only and never disclosed outside), I need to proceed as is:

1) retrieve all orders until I find the order requested (loop,loop loop on a site with thousands orders....)

2) collect the order id

3) retrieve order details


I use lot of cpu/memory on shopify servers for nothing.


Any chance to re-enable search orders by name ?

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I know it's late, but I've just encountered the issue and found a solution. Passing 'status' as a parameter works:



This is working for me.