Inserting abandoned checkouts over API?

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Hello there,

My app replaces default Shopify's checkout process with own, therefore Shopify itself doesn't know if the checkout was abandoned or not.

Is it possible to insert abandoned checkouts over API as I dont see it in official documentation? Perhaps there is workaround I could use? 

The reason I wanna insert abandoned checkouts is because my users use abandoned carts recovery apps.

Thank you

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No, you can not create abandoned checkouts via the API. If you want to have an abandoned checkout - don't skip the Shopify checkout.

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I think it's possible by using Checkout API -

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I replaced Shopify's checkout with my own too and have the same question. Were you able to insert abandoned checkouts? Would love to know if and how you did it!

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Haven't tried it out yet, but I guess this is how I would approach it

1. You create a checkout via the checkOut create mutation

2. after a while shopify automatically marks it as abandoned

you need to be a sales channel app/need a sales channel token to try it out.


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