Integrate a headless CMS into standard Liquid theme

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I am looking for ways to integrate a headless CMS (still undecided which one, might be Butter, Contentful, Strapi etc using React) into a standard Shopify liquid theme. I am familiar with the process of integrating a headless CMS in a headless Shopify shop. But using headless Shopify is not an option for this shop. 

Essentially we would like to create marketing and landing pages via a headless CMS while keeping all shop related pages (pdp, collection, cart etc) with the liquid theme.

Any ideas/suggestions on how to achieve this? Can Shopify hydrogen be used for pages only? Maybe in a subfolder?

Any hints would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi @SebPrestele 


I dont think you can use hydrogen for some pages only. Have you tried creating a Shopify app instead?

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Yes, I also considered an app and am playing around with a custom app integration to test this. I assume UI extension to load the built files from the React would be the way to achieve this?