Integrate Stripe with Shopify for Checkout and Completing the Checkout

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Hello All, 


 We have the below use case:- 

  We have a live interactive video app live on AppStore and PlayStore. We are building e-commerce capabilities inside our app, with the below interface and flow:- 

1. We show a product to all the users as part of a live video broadcast

2. As part of the same page, users will have the option to checkout

3. Once a user checkout, the next page should be payment page which should be powered by Stripe with a "pay" button 

4. As the user taps on the "Pay" button, the payment  should be completed and order should be recorded on Shopify

Below is the solution we have evaluated to build:-

For #1 - We will use in-house system/solution to showcase a product at the same time as part of the live broadcast. So, we are covered there. We will create a product mapping on Shopify which will be used in the purchase flow


For #2 - We will show a purchase button, upon tapping the button we will collect the shipping address and card details of the user if they are not collected before. When the card details are collected the first time, we would like to create a Stripe Customer object and store it on the client for completing the checkout. We will hit Shopify using iOS/Android buy sdk to create a checkout. 

For #3 and  #4- As we have the Customer Object, we will hit Shopify using "shopify_payment_account_id" and Stripe's "Customer" id to charge the customer and create the order

Problems we are facing:- 

1. How to get a valid "shopify_payment_account_id" on hitting "checkout" call from buy SDK
2. We have tried GraphQL calls to create a checkout, update shipping line and completing the checkout. It is working. Just want to confirm if the above solution works too using BUY SDKs.



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Can you please guide us on how to proceed with this use case and the proposed solution? 

I got to know from the customer support that the sales channel needs to be approved before we can start accepting payments on our shopify app for the store. Would be nice to know if someone has done anything similar

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On further research, all I would need is to support the use case of

1. taking in credit card info only once from the user, create a stripe customer object

2. Get the token for completing a checkout using customer id (stripe platform's one) and complete the checkout using the token  

2'. Somehow pass the customer id info to Shopify checkout API and complete the checkout. 

Would be great if someone can advise whether 2 or 2' is possible using shopify storefront API?

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Great questions. I’m attempting to build a very similar feature. Were you able to complete this integration as outlined?