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Hi, we build custom web solutions from scratch. Is there any way we can integrate shopify? I imagine the buy button would be the solution, but I just want to make sure as all current integration instructions seem to relate to more common CMS's. 

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Options! There is the Buy Button, or for more flexibility the Storefront API and tools built on top:


Not sure how much dynamic content you are using or if you need to get product information at build time etc. but this should work well. 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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I'd like to build out a static page similar to this:

As you can see at the bottom there's quite a bit of flexibility there. I imagine they are using the api? 

Is there a specific api call that calls the first checkout form after you say no to their upsell?

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Hi Epet

I'm able to help build your page with the js buy sdk if still interested.

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They have 1 product, so the API wouldn't really make a whole lot of sense to use. If this is all you need for very few products it would make a whole lot more sense to use the Stripe checkout directly instead of paying for a Shopify subscription who then just uses other third party checkout systems such as Stripe. Stripe also have inventory management and no-code checkout buttons. Even reoccurring subscriptions all for a very low transaction fee.  

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