Internal server errors out of the blue for Storefront API

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Hey, I am a developer who uses the Shopify storefront API to add cart functionality to my theme. Right now my cart connection is broken out of the blue, and I'm getting INTERNAL_SERVER_ERRORS for every request. Please help me resolve this issue or forward it to a developer who can help me, because It's happening on my live store and I can't sell products without my cart being available. Here's an example error from the chrome developer console after firing a graphql query: "[GraphQL] Internal error. Looks like something went wrong on our end.
Request ID: dcb1165c-8c35-4f06-b7bb-85bc6b5c9a60 (include this in support requests)."

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Hey @Chadyka - thanks for passing on a few details about this error. 

We were able to locate logs with the request id shared, and wanted to pass on a few findings. The mutation body for the request and error in question, includes two fields that are deprecated in the API version used 2022-10. Both ProductVariant.compareAtPriceV2 and ProductVariant.priceV2 are deprecated, and we have suggestions in the linked docs on which fields to use instead, compareAtPrice and price respectively. 

Would you be able test another mutation using the supported fields as recommended in the docs, and confirm the results? 

If the errors persists please share a few additional details back with us in this thread and we can take another look:

  • Does this error occur in all attempts to create a cart? 
  • Can you share another example request id for the updated mutation?
  • Can you share an example of the mutation body and input formatted in GraphQL?
  • Have you tested other API versions? 
  • Have you tested this on multiple shops or apps?

Lastly, we weren't able to replicate the error in our testing, but did successfully create carts using a similar mutation with the updated fields. I will keep an eye out here for any updates - Cheers!

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Hey @ShopifyDevSup ,


Thanks for the clarification! I also noticed that those fields are deprecated and changed them accordingly but to no effect. Every cart request was interrupted with an internal server error even from the Graphiql app. However, one of your collegues on the Shopify Devs Discord channel picked up my message and deployed a fix for the issue.


Read more on this in the thread: