IOS SDK web checkout link fails to load when using header X-Shopify-Customer-Access-Token

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I am using a private app on Shopify to generate a draft order. I use the resulting url in my IOS app in a WKWebView along with a
X-Shopify-Customer-Access-Token --> header and customerAccessToken from login. The resulting screen complains that
"Checkout page you are looking for does not exist". If I take the same url and use a browser, I am taken to a login screen, which if I login, I can see the order checkout page.

Full Details 

This follows the advice offered here and here.

Since the url itself appears to be valid, it seem the Shopify backend doesn't like the customerAccessToken or can't use the header supplied for some reason. This is not possible to debug without some help from Shopify. Any suggestions on how to proceed here will be greatly appreciated.

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