Is it possible to add shipping cost to the order via API after the order has been made?

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The payment gateway I use, there is a shipping integration with local services in the payment page which will change the endprice (different prices). 

Is it possible to alter the order after shipping has also been chosen?


Let's say order was $79.00

Shipping in the payment gateway chosen was $5.00


Would it be possible to add this to the $79 order?


Another way around it if its not possible, is to create manual order which succeeded for me, added notes to both orders. The problem with this is when clicking on the "Refund" button on the order which was created manually via API, it does not come to the right endpoint (I don't know where that request goes to.)



Any help with any of these?

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There is Checkout API that can help you with updating a checkout with final price, including shipping price.

Field shipping_line I guess. 

"shipping_line": {
  "handle": "shopify-Standard-10.00",
  "price": "10.00",
  "title": "Standard"

The selected shipping rate. A new shipping rate can be selected by updating the value for handle. A shipping line is required when requires_shipping is true. Learn more about selecting shipping rates.

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Hi @martabel 


Keep in mind with the checkout API your app will need to be a sales channel and have proper payment processing permissions. You may be interested in the order edit API to add a new line_item when that is fully released. More information here:


When you say the refund is not going to the correct endpoint, can you elaborate? When you refund a manual order there will not be any transactional changes as the order was created manually and set to "paid" status without a transaction. It will, however, update the status. 



To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.