Is it possible to only use Shopify checkout only, but design a custom store front.

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I have a dev team and will build a custom feature and product page, after the customer have "built" their product. I want them to get sent to the Shopify Checkout. Is it possible to only use this? I love shopify admin and order overview + payment solutions. Is there anyone that know if this is a simple thing with the API/SDK of Shopify?


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PS: im not a developer, but I hope you guys understand. 



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Yes, this is a common use case. 

Your developers can use the Shopify Buy SDK to build a headless storefront, that can send your customers to a checkout on a Shopify store, by using the Storefront API to compose a cart.

There are also starters for the various frameworks, like Gatsby and Next (React), that are implementations of this SDK, with more ecommerce functionality out of the box:

Next JS starter (Github repository here)
Gatsby starter (Github repository here)

Hope this helps!