Is there a landing page builder that works with headless?

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I have a headless shop using Storefront API and the client currently uses a landing page builder app, pagefly, that doesn't expose any data in the Storefront API.

Is there a recommended approach to give a client a landing page builder feature that works with Storefront API?

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There's (This is not an endorsement as I've not used it).

Personally we're using a headless CMS for our landing pages. We use Prismic but there's also Contentful.  

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We looked at Builder but went with Plasmic ( They have a very nice editor - it's more advanced than PageFly/Shogun/etc. but a lot more capable. So far it's been a huge time saver for everyone. The team has also been really responsive. Best-kept secret for headless stacks.

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Hi Jamesscaggs, You can try builder.Io it is a Headless CMS and I hope that it will help you. or you can use 



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