Is there any way to edit an order that was created by a selling plan?

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A recent order was created as part of a subscription through our integration with Ordergroove. Our warehouse was not able to fulfill all of the items in the order.
When an order can't be completely fulfilled, it is our business practice to to edit them to remove the un-shippable variants. We do this editing via the Admin GraphQL API, specifically the orderEditSetQuantity mutation. This has been working fine, in general, but we've encountered an issue with Selling Plans. When editing this order, we're getting the following error:
The line item cannot be edited because it's either fulfilled, remove, related to a tip or a selling plan
Here's an example of the mutation we're executing:


mutation setQuantity(
	$orderId: ID!
	$lineItemId: ID!
	$quantity: Int!) {
		id: $orderId
		lineItemId: $lineItemId
		quantity: $quantity) {
		userErrors { field, message }

The error message is pretty straightforward. The reason for this post is to ask whether there is another mutation anyone has had success with that would allow us to edit a line item for an order that was generated from a selling plan.

Any advice? Thanks!

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