JS BUY SDK - Collection not returning all products

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We've been using the JS Buy SDK for several years and it's always been working fine.

We're using the SDK to fetch collections, collections with products and products, to name a few scenarios. The one that's specifically stopped working today was "fetch collection with products":


client.collection.fetchWithProducts(collection_id, { productsFirst: 250 }).then((collection) => { // do something with products });

This has always worked but stopped working yesterday. The collection returned only one or sometimes no products. We started unpublishing and republishing products and after a while the republished products showed up.


Does anyone have any idea why this might occur? It's a completely new issue for us which makes it extremely strange. We're using the latest version of the SDK (/js-buy-sdk/v2/latest/index.umd.min.js)




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Zaewin, did you ever get a fix for this? I am having the same issue.