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Hi, I have been using JS Buy SDK (via CDN) to enable ecommerce on Webflow sites but I found some limitations that I want to overcome.

1) I want to sell subscriptions
2) I want to use custom checkout page instead of Shopify's default

Does JS Buy SDK allow these? If not, how can I achieve these?

For point 2, I need to know the most efficient and secure architecture I could adopt. I want the user to be able to complete purchase without ever interacting with Shopify's default checkout page. Moreover, I am interested in learning the Storefront API in depth to be able to do any custom functionality if I encounter one. I would highly appreciate any suggestions with regard to that.

Thanks in advance,

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You'll need to use the Shopify checkout. What's the need that would force you to do something different?

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Hi Jason, thanks for taking the time to respond. I just want to be able to customize the look and feel of the checkout and it's one of the core requirements of my company. I will really appreciate your guidance. Thanks

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The need to create a custom checkout is completely obvious. It looks, feels and seems sketchy and weird to redirect the customer to a completely different domain when checking out. I could not find any credible webshop in the world redirecting the users to a different domain on checkout, that is so weird. If shopify is not able to provide a way to let developers create a custom checkout in their headless stores they should not claim to support headless development at all.