Link to the account page with a headless store

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We're in the process of building a new headless front end for our store using Next.js

We're going to be doing it in a phased way, and use Next.js incremental adoption strategy to help.

The test app is working well, and the integration with Next and Shopify is looking seamless.


We have one problem though... Whenever we try to use a relative link URL to access the account page (ie `/account`) we get booted out of our test Next.js app and get redirected to:


We've checked that this is a 302 redirect, but it's not one that we set up in the Shopify redirects admin.


Is this something that is on by default on Shopify stores for security purposes? And is there a way round it?


(We understand that this won't be an issue when we go live because we will be pointing the domain to the Next.js app, so it will all work OK. But we wanted to do some testing around the account page beforehand...)

Hope that someone can advise...

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