Managing default JSON files in the same GIT theme across different stores

Managing default JSON files in the same GIT theme across different stores

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I'm struggling with the following scenario:


- I have one theme, using GIT integration

- I have multiple plus stores for the same brand, for each locale/language

- I can translate all repo files using the normal locale/**.json and translation string logic

- Brand managers can create content pages for each store using the theme customiser and sections, which in their turn create files in the live theme, which in my turn i pull using the theme:pull feature so they are added to the repo

- The pages will always be locale-unique, meaning we would have something like page.landingpage-uk.json, page.landingpage-it.json, ... which means they can just sit safely next to each other in the templates folder


So far so good. But, here the problem comes in: what about the uniquely-named shared default files like index.json, product.json, ... If these files are being edited using the theme customiser, they are overwritten with the language/locale from the store where it was just edited in. That means there would need to be a index-de.json, index-uk.json, index-it.json, .. which is of course not allowed nor possible as Shopify only expects index.json.


I thought about using the 'context' feature (described here: but after a talk with Shopify Plus Support, it appears these context specific versions of a page will only show based on a geolocation app (meaning, index.context.[markethandle].json would only be served if the visitor is located in France). So that's not an option.


In short: how do i serve locale-specific shopify-unique JSON page templates like index.json across multiple stores using the same connected GIT theme? 

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Hi MathijsDelva,


The native GitHub Integration is primarily built for managing safe theme deployments to a single store, although some devs have implemented workflows that allow for scenarios where themes are different, using conditions and GitHub workflows - as in this forum post and this blog post


There are also some community built tools like Shopkeeper that may help with your setup. 


Hope the above helps!

Liam | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 
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Hi Liam, thank you for your reply. The forum & blog posts gave me some insights, but i feel that's quite dangerous terrain and also a lot of configuration to just to safeguard a few different versions of JSON data. I would really like some better support and insights from within the Shopify Dev Front-end team on this issue, as i feel this is something quite basic to support out of the box. Thanks for your reply Liam!