Mobile App Integration with Shopify and Stripe

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I am wondering is it possible to handle Shopify payments in mobile app(custom made app for only one store from Shopify) using Shopify SDK in combination with Stripe SDK (for collectin card details etc), since in your documentation it states that Shopify and Stripe's integration is possible but unfortunately it doesn't offer any details, limitations, considerations about mobile apps. If it is possible where can I find more information. When a transaction via Stripe SDKs is finished how do I notify Shopify, if there is no possibility to mark the order as already paid? 

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Hey @BiznisTAT ,


In order to build an app which will handle Shopify payments (in other words, handle Checkouts) with using the Stripe SDK, the first thing you need to do is make you app a Sales Channel:


The second thing you need to do is submit a request to Shopify to get your Sales Channel approved for payment processing. Read more about this process here:


Finally once you received approval from Shopify you can get to actual implementation. You need create Checkouts via your Sales Channel (either through the Storefront API or the Sales Channel SDK via REST Admin API), and then use Stripe SDK to generate a payment token which will be used by your Sales Channel to process the payment and mark the order as paid in Shopift (


To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Hey @hassain

 Since I need Mobile app integration for a custom store, how can I get a payment processing request approved?

When I requested payment processing, I got a response from Shopify stating: In this case, it appears the integration you are building is for your single store which would not meet our requirements for this type of payment processing... Is there another type of payment processing?

Are Custom apps eligible for payment processing? 

Best regards,

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Hi @BiznisTAT , did you get an response to this question on a different thread channel? We are facing the same issue. Did you find a workaround by any chance?