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Hello All,
I have used the Hydrogen storefront for my Shopify store. ( )
I have faced some issues related to checkout when we used Hydrogen.
1. When I go to the checkout page from my hydrogen store - & When I click on Logo or cart link then it will open in a new tab. But for a normal Shopify Store, it will open in the same tab in the browser. So why this difference comes?

2. In the Normal Shopify store, if I'm login as a customer & go to the checkout page then the address & some other things come with pre-fill & it is also seen that you are login with a customer email address but this is not happening with my hydrogen store. So is this possible with hydrogen or not? I also want to same pre-fill functionality for my store.

3. Market region-specific Custom-Domain is not working with the hydrogen store.
If I set the domain for Austria in Shopify Markets.

If the customer comes from the domain then on the checkout page Can we keep the same domain on Logo & cart link OR on the address bar instead of the main online store primary domain ( for Hydrogen store?
If we set up the same thing for the Normal Online Store Sales channel then domain will come on the address bar & also comes on Logo & cart link.
So how can we fix this issue for the Hydrogen store?
I have shared my loom video for this issue, but currently, we do not have the same settings. It was kept only for recording videos.

Thanks in advanced

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Hello there,

I am encountering the exact same issues as your 1 and 2 and was wondering if you figured it out? No autofill for customer data and the Logo and cart link are opening in a new tab.


Appreciate any feedback.

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I am also having the exact same issue for issue 1. I have even contacted support chat but couldn't help me. I dug through the entire documentation and s