Next.js Shopify headless page builder

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Just a quick PSA for those using Next.js as their headless framework:


Plasmic ( is a page builder similar to PageFly and Shogun, but which works with Next.js (and really any other tech stack/codebase) and has high page load performance. I work on this and thought it would be helpful to share here. It can pull data from Shopify and also from headless CMSes like Contentful/Sanity.


If you're wondering—the big difference between Plasmic and headless CMSes is that a page builder gives content creators free-form control over page composition/layout, and doesn't require developers to build out the templates/schemas that constitute pages. Plasmic is a full no-code web design tool.


You can install Plasmic with:


npm install @plasmicapp/loader-nextjs


See the Plasmic Next.js quickstart to learn more. Any and all feedback/questions are welcome!

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Thanks you, it would be very helpful information for those who wants high page load performance in thier site, according to you!

Sally Johnson - Ambassador