Next.js Vercel associating Shopify with 3rd Party Domain

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Hello Community,

I have built a Shopify storefront with Next.js that I hosted on Vercel. I am preparing to launch it but have run it some issues regarding Domain connections between Shopify and my store  that have me very confused and I was hoping for some help our guidance. 

Our system Design:  Vercel is hosting our Next.js StoreFront,  which has DNS record set in our domain registrar  AWS (route53),  our email provider  Zoho also has DNS records applied to our AWS (route53) domain. We have a SPF DNS record from shopify  in our AWS (route53) domain as well

1. Do I need to associate my Domain Registrar ( aws route53) with DNS records from Shopify, in order to get notification emails working with the correct links back for activating new customers who register an account ?

2. I
f it is necessary to associate a 3rd party Domain to Shopify to get full functionality by changing the DNS A and CName record  ( A record  IPv4 address is 23.227. 38.65  and the CNAME record address "',)  then how  do others who are using Vercel host their Next.JS storefront apps since it is necessary to have an  A record that list my ''  and a CNAME record name ' ' that points to '' )  in order for the site to load?

3. Are the DNS Domain set up issues the reason our url for checkout is  '' and '' which would like it to be?

 (If that last question is confusing, I am basically saying that the same DNS record need to host the Next.js Vercel site are same ones the Shopify Docs seem to suggest need to be set with different values.)

I have managed to connect and authenticate our shopify store  to Zoho Email, ( which means, I have authenticated the email  '', so now when I do a test of a notification, I can correctly see that the email is coming from sender ( ''), but when I click the link it wants to send the user {{token} for activation. 


While I have been able to create a new customer through our next.js app, I am unable to get shopify notification to actual trigger/dispatch and activate email to the new customer.

I have noticed issues regarding the inability of notifications to be triggered when sending new customer emails and the inability to switch from   {storename} to my domain {storename}.com/checkout.

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