opayo need static ip

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Hello, unfortunately, I did not get the result through support, and the last person was Issa who said that I am not a programmer and I cannot help.
The problem is that opayo needs the static IP of my website and I log into my store through a domain I bought from namecheap.
I first asked for an IP and they gave me the famous IP
I registered the IP in the opayo panel and we did the test transaction, but the opayo support says that the domain is variable and it is different from the domain that I introduced and the domain that the transaction was done. And the IP of the store is dynamic
can you please help me

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Shopify Partner
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If its *.myshopify.com ip, i tried this before in order to go out from my serverd via ny firewalls to Shopify, but could not ever get that.


We had to whitelist the *.myshopify.com, because the info was not available here.

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thanks for replay 

can you please say how submite myshopify.com ip into opayo