Out of stock availability filter does not work correctly with Storefront API

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When using storefront filtering through the Storefront API, the out of stock filter (below) does not work correctly. It returns both out of stock items and some items that have some variants in stock. This issue exists on multiple different themes I have developed and seems to have persisted on all previous versions of the API that I can currently test. All other filters work perfectly fine and I am performing no manipulation of the filters.


Specifically, the {available:false} input does not work correctly, whereas the {available:true} input (for In Stock) does work correctly.


Can anyone confirm if they have this functionality working or if they have replicated the issue?



  "id": "filter.v.availability.0",
  "label": "Out of stock",
  "count": 1,
  "input": "{\"available\":false}"


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