Password protected site issues

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We host our shop experience on our own WordPress website while pulling in data from the Shopify API. 


Due to the way Shopify works we still need a shop hosted on Shopify, so we just password-protect this with a redirect to our own site.


When a customer adds something to their cart they are taken to the default Shopify Checkout page. Accessing the cart this way allows the customer to see this page without password protection – although being honest I'm not quite sure how.


But when a customer is sent an abandoned cart email the link back to their cart becomes password protected. Resulting in them not being able to view their cart.


Has any else, who may have created a site that pulls in data from the Shopify API, come across this issue before?


Could it be possible to code Shopify so that the checkout page is never password protected?


Any advice would be amazing.

Thank you

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