Payment Apps rate limits: bucket size and leak rate

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I was testing the GraphQL requests to Payment Apps API, and got this in response:


    "extensions": {
        "cost": {
            "requestedQueryCost": 10,
            "actualQueryCost": 10,
            "throttleStatus": {
                "maximumAvailable": 54600.0,
                "currentlyAvailable": 54590,
                "restoreRate": 2730.0


As I understand from the response, the bucket size is 54600 and the restore rate is 2730 p/s.
However, the docs say that for Payment Apps API the restore rate should be 910 p/s.
So, the question are:
1. What is the size of a bucket for payment apps?
2. What is the exact restore rate for payment apps?

Thank you!

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