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How can I get permission for my public (non-private) app to use the order api? (

Some notes:

- My app is already a sales channel

- I have applied for "payment processing" (but not yet approved)

Will "payment processing" also give me approval for the order api, or is there some other approval process for that?



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Hey @bluepnume 

Payment Processing requests relate to the Checkout API.

To gain the orders access scopes (which will give you access to the the last 60 days of orders) you’d need to request orders access scopes during the Oauth process for public apps. When the merchant installs your app, they would accept the orders app scopes as part of the standard app installation flow.

Feel free to take a read into the Oauth process here, and there's some further docs on Orders Scopes here. 

Additionally if you need them, you can request to  read_all_orders  from your partner dash(documentation) - This request to read all orders then goes through an Approval process with Partner Support. Hope that helps! 



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