Please provide clarity on completing checkouts with a private app

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I have read the API docs several times and spoken with support on multiple occasions and cannot get a clear answer on this. Support has directed me here.


I am developing a PRIVATE app for a Shopify store using the Storefront API and would like to complete checkouts within the app (not the Web Url link). I plan to use the Shopify/Stripe integration for this but am open to other options (or even using another API if needed).


There seems to be conflicting or confusing information all over the docs and with support members. For example, here: says "The Checkout API is only for use with the Sales Channel SDK. It is not possible to use it to create a new checkout for an individual store — for that you can use our JavaScript, iOS, and Android Buy SDKs."


Great - now go to the documentation for the Buy SDK here: and it says "If you want to build a mobile app that processes credit cards using the Storefront API, then you need to turn your app into a sales channel and request payment processing."


Of course, you cannot create a sales channel and request payment processing for an app unless it is a public app available to anyone in the marketplace. So if you do not have a public app, can you use the Buy SDKs for everything BUT processing the payments during checkout? In other words, use the Buy SDKs to do everything except actually Buy anything?


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Hey, did you get anywhere with this? Facing the same problem and seeing the same useless information everywhere. Starting to think this is not possible!