POST Moves a fulfillment order not working

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I'm trying to use POST Moves a fulfillment order to a new location - see

I use a simple CURL at this stage just for a proof of concept. My main goal is to change the location for a specific line_item in a "fulfillment order".

See my request:




curl -d '{"api_version": "2023-07", "fulfillment_order":{"new_location_id":68422664385,"fulfillment_order_line_items":[{"id": 12626802409665,"quantity":3}]}}' \
-X POST "" \
-H "Authorization: XXXXXXXXXX" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json"




The API seems to be VERY unstable, for example, I got many many errors of type "None of the items are stocked at the new location." when I started playing with it, even though in the Web console I can 100% confirm that the items were indeed available at the "new location".

Finally, I did get it to work SOMETIMES, but there are more error responses than success, even though the syntax and params haven't change (except for locationId of course)

I managed to switch a line_item location from A to B, but when trying again to switch from B to A it failed with "Cannot change location" error - even though the location change did work from the Web console.

See reference for this error in Shopify Dev Community

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