Pre-populated password stopping crypto CB API from linking to store

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Hi all,

I have selected CB crypto as an available option for my existing Shopify store. I got an account sorted no worries, put some cash in to make sure it all works happy days. Made an API key no worries and here is where the problem starts.

When I go into Shopify and select Settings-Payments-Alternative Payment Methods-CB it asks for my email and API key. I input my email and it auto populated the password underneath as the CB Commerce API key. When i put the correct API key in the field and click 'save' it reverts back to the pre-existing, auto populated password. I have deactivated and reactivated CB to no avail, it keeps coming up with the incorrect password as the API key. I have tested Crypto payment on my website, obviously it didn't work but says the following:

{"error":{"type":"authentication_error","message":"No such API key.","code":"no_such_api_key"}}

Any ideas on how to get it to recognize the correct key and stop saving as the old password? I have deleted the password from my stored passwords list but still comes up.

Thanks in advance

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