Private Custom Apps: search by meta fields, link custom app with customer, create apps via api

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Hello everyone,


We are building a proxy API to manage additional logic on top of Storefront API. Our customers use Custom App credentials to access our API.


I would like to seek some help about the following scenarios that my team is trying to overcome:



  1. My Customer API -> My API -> Shopify Storefront API
  2. My API may interact with Shopify Admin API for some requests


  1. My Customer API uses “Storefront Access Token” to proxy pass to Shopify Storefront API

User Stories:

  1. I want to query products by meta fields via API
  2. I want to create a “Custom App” and read “Storefront Access Token” via API
  3. I want to associate a “Custom App” with a “Customer”, so when a request is made to My API with “Storefront Access Token”, I want to read the association between “Customer” and “Custom App”
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