Product search Api gives irrelevant response

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I am using a storefront Graphql Api to search the product from my store. But when I search for the "Bracelets' keyword it gives the desired response, but when I search for 'Bangles' keyword I get irrelevant data from the shopify, why is this happening.

I am using this graphql API to search the product

products(first: 250, query: "title: bangles" ) {
edges {
node {
metafield(key:"rating_count", namespace:"reviews" ){


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Hello @kuldi 
The issue you're experiencing with the GraphQL API response returning irrelevant data when searching for the "Bangles" keyword could be due to several reasons.

To troubleshoot the issue further, consider trying the following steps:

  • Experiment with different search queries to see if you can narrow down the issue or identify any patterns in the search results.
  • Verify the product data in your Shopify store to ensure that the 'Bangles' keyword is correctly associated with the relevant products.
  • Review the search relevance settings in your Shopify store and adjust them if necessary.
  • Check the Shopify documentation or contact Shopify support for more specific guidance on configuring search behavior in the GraphQL API.

Remember that the specific behavior of the search functionality in the Shopify GraphQL API can be influenced by various factors, including your store setup, data quality, and configuration settings.


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