Product translations with the Admin API

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I want to develop a multilingual shop using a custom storefront, in which the client should be able to manually set the product information in the desired languages. I found out that this can be done with the GraphQL Admin API According to the documentation, we can use gql mutations to create the translations.


My question is, where these mutations should originate from? For example, should I use a CMS to let the user specify the product information in every language, and this cms would then send the mutation to create the translations? If that's the case, having to replicate the work done by Shopify's panel with another system seems like too much work, and this process would result in a client experience split between the various systems.


It would be great if the user could just create the translations in Shopify's panel. I've seen some plugins that do this, but they are expensive. I believe this capability should be built-in.

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I have the same question! I could not find a single client app that can edit and upload product translations. 

I'm currently using Shopify headless with Shopify Lite , the storefront API with my own website and it's hard to find information about how to translate products information. I feel like this should be an embedded feature.

Shopify Lite does not allow me to get any translation add-ons because they all require to have an online store with Shopify.

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Did you finally find a solution?

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Looks like there are now at least a few translation apps built on or are compatible with the Shopify Translations API: