Product variants - the best way to bypass the 3 option / 100 variants

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Hi everyone, 


I would love to hear some inspiration on this. 

I think a way to really expand on public apps in Shopify is going into the industries that yet are to come to Shopify. 


Currently I'm making an app where we on a product would have 4-5 options and maybe 2500 variants. This is by far exceeding the official limits of Shopify.


What is the best way to resolve this? 

After intense reseach so far the method seems: 

1. Customize the product page in Jquery and load the "options" from an external JS. 

2. Jquery the basket

3. Rather than letter the order go through then do a draft order, convert it to actual order and forward customer to the success page from API. 


Does anyone see a more solid option to get pass this limit?


I'm really looking forward to hear some opinions on this. 


I have already tried Discord, Partner support and searching half the internet 😮 

Best regards
Jannik Hansen

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