productByHandle not returning a product which has just been returned from a previous api call

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I'm using the iOS sdk to make a call to the Storefront API to get a list of products.



I'm then making a call to get more information about a specific product from that list



However, this is returning no product (null for the productByHandle).


I've sanity checked that I'm passing the same value and I am. I've also checked that the handle is correct by viewing on the web and it works.


I don't understand this, as the product definitely exists and is visible because it's just been returned from the first api call! 


Any suggestions?

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Hey @samdeanconsulti,


Are you able to capture a request ID from the response headers?

Scott | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 

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It was a malformed request (I hadn't checked the error because the result wasn't nil - my fault, you even put that in bold in your documentation!)


See here for the answer: