Query referencedBy in MetaObject type, from Hydrogen storefront

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Hi all! I have a custom Storefront in Hydrogen, deployed in Oxygen.


I created a Merchant Metaobject in my shop to store some merchant data. Then I reference these Metaobjects in various Products, based on who merchandises those products.


WORKING AS EXPECTED: From the Product Entity in GraphQL, I can reference the Metaobject correctly and display the merchant data in the Product Details Page or Product Card.


 NOT WORKING AS EXPECTED: I have also created a Merchant page, and from the Metaobject in GraphQL I can query all the fields, BUT I can't query the referencedBy connection, where I want to query all the Products where this Metaobject is referenced at.


How can I get this kind of information in the Metaobject payload?


Thank you! 😁

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