Question about Storefront admin gql API Limit

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Hello Shopify CS Team,

We would like to tell about some problem that appears on our Website. The problem is that some orders did not go to OMS (SIRCLO system) and the Shopify Backend, even though the order has been paid by the customer and confirmed with Xendit. The order is stuck on the Shopify draft order.
These problems are intermittent problems, that is, indeterminately. This problem has been discussed with our Project Manager and Engineer who usually handles the brand. However, the root cause of the problem has not yet been found.

The last assumption is we need to re-implementation because Shopify has 2 types of gql, namely storefront gql and admin gql. Currently, the admin gql is used to connect Shopify with SCV2, which has an API limitation for the gql. However, it is not possible to use storefront gql because it does not support SCV2 development needs and does not support the API to connect to Swift OMS.

So is there any solution to the API limitation on the admin gql? thanks

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There's not quite enough context here to troubleshoot with but let me break down what we know:

  1. Orders are not being created in Admin despite being paid by an offsite gateway
  2. The orders not being created create a downstream issue of not being sent to the OMS. This makes sense - if the order isn't created there'd be nothing to send.


Now if API limits were the issue the integration would know about that. Errors or data returned would make this clear so it would be worth looking into that.


I would not focus on API here as there's other chains in the link that could break. For example, if the payment gateway didn't send the correct info to Shopify upon completion they wouldn't know how to close the order, or perhaps couldn't close the order due to unexpected data. I would start here since it's the logical closest part of the chain.


My advice would be to get a very recent example of this (as in the last few days) and come armed with:

  • the request ID from the headers
  • some info from the payment gateway for what they sent to Shopify.
  • screenshots and whatever error messages are seen

That could form some useful debugging. 


Since this effects checkouts and creating orders for customers did you make a support ticket for it? If so, what's the ticket #?


It looks like you've done your own investigation - what led you to think it was API based? 

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