Rails setup for headless storefront

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I'm upgrading our Shopify version in a Rails app. Currently we're using 2022-01 and using Shopify as our backend for commerce. We query products, create a cart, then link them to Shopify for checkout. We've had some deprecation warnings recently and I'm trying to do an upgrade.


We primarily use the Storefront API, but do use the Admin API to query tags and a few other resources. The docs I'm referencing for setting up the shopify_api gem v12 (previously we were on 9), all reference this session information, which as I understand it is related to having a user OAuth into Shopify. We don't want that at all and just need to call the Admin and Storefront APIs from our Rails app so we can serve that data to our users and eventually link them over to Shopify for checkout. 

Am I missing something in the documentation? We did not previously need to do this and the documentation feels limited for our setup.

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