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Here is the scenario we have:

1.) Customer goes to the checkout.

2.) They apply the discount code.

3.) They get back to the cart, edit products.

4.) They go to the checkout again and the discount code is still there (it remains from before).


How can we remove this discount code when a customer navigates to the cart page?
We were trying to do this through an Ajax request, but nothing seems to work.

Is there any way to remove the discount code from the checkout except by manually clicking on the X button on the discount code in the checkout?



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Same issue here, it lets customers basically get small value items for free if they claim a big offer on a big ticket item, remove it from their cart after clicking checkout and then just order a small value item with the big discount still. Look forward to seeing if anyone has a solution. 

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really, this is serious issue,
Kindly contact to the Shopify Support team they will help you.
Check out this link: